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PMC Research Center has built a team of professionals with local and global experience who not only work well together but also believe in the same values of free market, transparency, and accountability. The center provides an open, nondiscriminatory environment for individual and professional development.

Elene Ganaia
Elene Ganaia

Ms. Elene Ganaia is a local action group (LAG) coordinator in the rural development project in Mestia municipality. She is responsible for coordinating various activities in the EU-funded project “LEADER in Mestia municipality for better livelihoods in high mountainous regions of Georgia.” 

She actively facilitates the process of LAG establishment and development, and the organization of relevant trainings and workshops to the local community to raise public awareness about the project. She also participates in the elaboration of recommendations for the LAG’s executive board. 

Moreover, she is also engaged in the development process of a LAG local development strategy and action plans. 

Ms. Ganaia has accumulated sound experience of working with local communities and local youth in Mestia municipality. Prior to joining our team, she worked as the head of the sport and youth department of the City Hall of Mestia Municipality. Moreover, she is the founder of the NGO “Youth for Mountains” in Mestia. 

Ms. Ganaia holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Ilia State University, and a bachelor’s degree from Georgian-American University. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Tbilisi State University. She is fluent in Georgian and English, and competent in Russian too.