PMC RC Successfully Concludes EU-Albania/Kosovo Integration Project
PMC RC Successfully Concludes EU-Albania/Kosovo Integration Project


International Visegrad Fund

PMC Research Center (PMC RC), in partnership with the Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (IPPM), has successfully finished the project “Sharing Experience of Visegrad Countries’ EU Economic Integration and Georgia’s Institutional Reforms for Albania and Kosovo”.

The project was aimed at enabling Visegrad countries to share their experiences and to play significant roles in the process of the economic integration of both Albania and Kosovo with the EU and transfer of Georgian know-how in successful structural reforms for Albanian and Kosovar stakeholders.

The project also led to the production of a report which analyzes the state of play for Albania and Kosovo in their EU integration and assesses the challenges these countries are meeting in the process. The report presents the experience of Georgia, as an EU associated country, in its successful institutional reforms and Visegrad counties’ experiences and lessons learnt in economic integration with the EU that are relevant for Albania and Kosovo.

The project was implemented with the support of International Visegrad Fund and in partnership with forTED (Kosovo), EUROPEUM (Czech Republic), Hungarian Europe Society (Hungary) and M.E.S.A10 (Slovakia).

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